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    Listed are some of our quality rock and mineral specimens acquired by collectors based in Singapore and South East Asia for sharing and selling. If you have some fine quality gems, specimens or collection to share, trade or sell, we can help too.

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    We are always interested in acquiring more quality specimens from private collections. Do contact us if you got any to let go.

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    Since 1995, we been offering trade-in services to our customers. We offer capital guarantee of the sale price for trade in of specimen procured from us for specimen of similar value or higher value specimen with top-up. Limited to one-to-one trade-in subjected to our terms and conditions.

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  • Golden Barite, Meikle Mine, Elko County, Nevada

    Fine cluster of Golden Barite tabs with a dark Calcite accenting. The Golden Barite tabs are in excellent condition and measure 5 cm to nearly 6 cm in size.

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  • Gem Indicolite Tourmaline, Pech, Afghanistan

    4.0 x 3.6 x 3.6 cm. A gorgeous and sculptural gem indicolite tourmaline from the early 1990s finds at Pech.

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  • Green Fluorite On Calcite Rhombs, Morocco

    19 x 13 cm. Superb specimen of modified green Fluorite crystals scattered atop large Calcites! Also a peppering of Chalcopyrite for accent.

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  • Sulfur With Celestite, Agrigento Province, Sicily, Italy

    16 x 12 x 5.1 cm. A huge, highly complex crystal of native sulfur partially enveloped in white celestine crystals.

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  • Rhodochrosite on Black Manganese, N'Chwaning Mine, Kalahari Mn Fields, Kuruman, South Africa

    13.5 x 8 cm. Large KMF rhodochrosite cluster on black manganese matrix. From an old collection.

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  • Fluorite With Adularia, Uri, Switzerland

    9.8 × 6 × 4.1 cm. Fine and rich piece with pink fluorite octahedrons up to 1.2 cm in size - nicely scattered over a piece of matrix.

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  • Tourmaline Var. Rubellite, Sao Jose Da Safira, Brazil

    large, robust and heavy crystal of deep magenta-red rubellite tourmaline with a small area of very pale greenish near the base...

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  • Fluorite, Weisseck, South Slope, Salzburg, Austria

    24.4 × 13 × 6.9 cm. This huge specimen is mined from the thirdth cavern of the famous summit cleft in the south slope of Weisseck mountain

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WHat we are interested to Acquire :

Rhodochrosites specimens from Sweet Home Mines, South Africa KMF and China


Cabinet size tourmalines on matrix or crystal. Locality : Brazil, USA,  Russia or Afghanistan.


Cabinet size Ajoite or Papagoite included Quartz.


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